At Fresh Home Loans we aim to provide you with the most successful outcome. This comes from our dedication, determination and commitment to professional conduct. As a result of our exceptional knowledge, high quality advice and authentic customer service, we will provide you with the loan recommendation that is tailored to your specific objectives.

Fresh Home Loans is who we are and how we work. We offer a fresh approach to lending where we work collaboratively with you to avoid the difficulties that are often part of getting a home loan.

Our processes have been designed to remove the tension, the grilling and the time involved in applying for a home loan. The results we achieve save our clients money, stress, time and uncertainty. Because there are better ways to spend your time than worrying about your finances.

Born in Denmark and an Australian for over 30 years, Mikael is a husband and father of three with over 15 years' experience in banking & lending. His desire to create a fresh approach to home loans drives him to design a home loan recommendation that best suits your life's vision, then make it happen. Mikael sees every home loan opportunity through two separate, different lenses.

First, the reality of the financial necessities required to qualify for the loan you want. Every lender's requirements are different and every borrower's situation is unique, it's Mikael's role to ensure that your situation is presented to a lender whose policies & products give you the best possible chance of having your loan approved. This leads to the second lens, which is what impact this new loan will have on your life now & over the coming years. Through his knowledge and guidance, Mikael will seek to deliver a loan that not only suits your here and now, but fits in to your vision of what's to come.

Sally is passionate, down to earth and knowledgeable with a strong desire to help people. As a mortgage broker with over 12 years of industry experience, her goals include understanding her client's needs and objectives, finding a tailored solution to suit their circumstances and helping her clients to make their dreams a reality. This is the reason she has a successful reputation. Driven by a desire to take holistic view and empower people in their financial decision making, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible when it comes to finding her clients a home loan.

Seeing the result of clients improve their financial situation, purchase their dream home or build investment through property is what drives Sally and she carries this into her own life, regularly setting and reviewing her own goals to achieve things she never thought she could. There are many factors to consider when securing a home loan and Sally has the knowledge and care to provide you with all the options available without the stress.

If you're interested in a meaningful conversation with a broker who is genuinely interested in the life you want to lead, then speak to either Mikael Liddy or Sally Johns. You'll find them re-FRESH-ing.

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